About ODM

Oliver Macklin Sports Management (abbreviated O.D.M.) is W.N.B.A., N.B.A. and F.I.B.A. licensed.

Oliver Macklin has a long history in recruiting, representing and working with top talent.

In Women’s basketball, O.D.M. has managed to have in almost every W.N.B.A. draft class a good number of players that have been drafted. Through the services and support of O.D.M., players like Kiah Stokes, Johannah Leedham, Jordan Hooper, – just to mention a few examples – have had the opportunity to be selected as a draft pick in W.N.B.A. and afterwards have had or are still having good careers overseas. In addition to the W.N.B.A. players, O.D.M. is representing an important number of players which had made a remarkable presence on the European basketball map, naming in this regard players like Maurita Reid, Emily Cady, Anjale Barrett, and Stefanie Murphy.

As well, on the Men’s part, O.D.M. has had the honor of representing clients like Doug Wiggins, Jordan Williams, Desmond Williams, assisting multiple players that had been drafted in the N.B.A. or had signed a contract to play in the USA’s professional league.

All of this achievements have been possible through the hard work and passion towards the sport of basketball of Oliver Macklin:

Oliver Macklin played at UCONN from ’89-’93 under Hall of Fame Coach Jim Calhoun. Oliver was Co-Captain in his senior year and was offered a number of European opportunities, as well as stops also in the ABA, CBA & USBL. Prior to sports management, Oliver coached in high school basketball and also worked in the Connecticut Judicial System for over a decade; changing the lives of many wayward and underprivileged youths. Oliver is a great communicator and excellent at cultivating personal and professional relationships with clients, management and vendors alike.


Client 1 (WNBA Player)

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Client 2 (NBA Player)

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Client 3 (Overseas Player)

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