Waterbury’s Anthony Ireland pays it forward with summer camp

January 10, 2017

WATERBURY – Crosby High School Grad Anthony Ireland’s basketball career has taken him first to Loyola Marymount University on the west coast and then international as a pro with stops in Italy, Greece, and his latest in Poland.

The Waterbury native hasn’t forgot his basketball roots. This week, for the second year in a row, he put on the AI three-skills camp, where he tries to pass on the knowledge that he has gained to the next generation of basketball super stars.

“We definitely stress the small things. You know, good attitude, having a positive mindset, and just working hard” said Ireland.

When he was growing up in Waterbury, there were not a lot of local camps, so he leaned on and learned from the likes of Ryan Gomes and BJ Monteiro whose lessons and knowledge were invaluable.

Through his camp, Anthony is looking to pass that knowledge on and hopefully start a chain reaction of passion for the game that has given him so many opportunities.